LIVING CITY aims to:
  • Provide a significant economic stimulus to the whole of the NW Region;
  • Implement the long held community vision to open up the city to the waterfront;
  • Create a cultural heart for the region focused on arts and food;
  • Establish the City as a retail destination, complementing existing retail and limiting further fragmentation;
  • Create a destination where produce from North West Tasmania, one of the greatest food producing regions of the world, can be showcased;
  • Give a purpose to the southern part of the CBD, consolidating a critical mass of business and professional service uses; and 
  • Raise the standard for tourist services, attracting more visitors who will spend longer in the region.  

LIVING CITY will create JOBS!!! Jobs for our youth, jobs for our unemployed and opportunities for those looking to improve their careers.

Change is needed.  The next generation are leaving Devonport due to a lack of jobs, opportunities and vibrancy.

LIVING CITY will open the city centre up to the Mersey River and enable us to better showcase our world-class regional produce, leading to an increased share of the tourist dollar and significantly boosting the local economy.