Published on 18 December 2017

Devonport City Council has unveiled the branding for the new multi-purpose building and arts centre which form part of Stage 1 LIVING CITY.

paranaple, the local indigenous name of the section of the Mersey River that flows through Devonport, has been chosen as the overarching single title. The facilities within this precinct will be known as paranaple centre (multi-purpose building), paranaple arts centre and paranaple convention centre.

Devonport City Council Mayor Steve Martin said, “Branding is a significant factor in developing a strong identity for the facilities within the LIVING CITY Stage 1 precinct and therefore the buildings require a title that is distinctive, relatable and accepted by the community – the term paranaple, fits this bill.”

paranaple is the local indigenous name for the part of the Mersey River that flows through Devonport, a river which throughout our history has played a vital role in shaping the city that we live in today.”

“From the days when we were known as Torquay and Formby until the present, the Mersey River has become the centrepiece of the city. A destination in itself, the river also acts as a gateway for tourists, an import/export hub and a place of recreation.”

“One of the drivers behind LIVING CITY was to open the city up to the waterfront, to take full advantage of this beautiful part of the city, so it is only fitting that this new precinct also pays respect to the river.”

“When determining the brand, it was important to ensure that we developed a brand that the community could connect with and take ownership of, therefore consultation was an important part in the branding process.”

“Workshops were held with stakeholders including Service Tasmania, LINC, Online Access Centre, aldermen, council staff, representatives from the visual and performing arts community, the Six Rivers Corporation and community members. These workshops helped inform the consultant, Design Eye Creative, to develop concepts that took into account the location of the new facilities relative to the natural environment, Devonport as a destination, a place to embark, our pre-colonial history and the city’s relationship with the Mersey River and Bass Strait.”

“Numerous concepts were developed, and following further workshops and consultation, Council at its October meeting formally determined to use the name paranaple.”

“It is important to note that Council has received approval from the Six Rivers Aboriginal Corporation to use the name paranaple and we thank them for their input and support in achieving a unique and inspiring local brand which celebrates the city’s history and inspires our future.”

“Finalising the branding for these buildings marks another significant milestone in the LIVING CITY project.”

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