Published on 23 June 2016

The LIVING CITY Stage 1 construction site is taking shape with site boundary fencing and amenities now established.

Public parking will continue to be available in the Rooke Street car park for the next eight weeks, until works commence on that portion of the site, however the number of available parking spaces has now been reduced by half.

CBD visitors and workers are encouraged to utilise the Best Street Pay As You Leave car park and other nearby car parks, which have plenty of parking capacity.

As a result of the Rooke Street car park changes, the public needle disposal bin and vending machine have been relocated to outside Council’s temporary office at 17 Fenton Way.

Council has also met with CBD retailers this week to introduce the Fairbrother team and provide details of upcoming works.  Retailer information sessions will continue to be held throughout the project as a way of keeping CBD businesses informed about the construction program.  If you were unable to attend this week’s session and have further queries please contact us at

Demolition of the former Repco building on Oldaker Street is now underway and will be followed by the demolition of the former Council building.