Published on 12 November 2014

In a significant step forward in realising Devonport’s LIVING CITY project vision, Council is currently finalising an application for federal funding for the project.

Mayor Steve Martin said “Devonport City Council is applying for a major grant from the $1 billion National Stronger Regional Fund for Stage 1 of the LIVING CITY project”.

“We hope that the Australian Government will see the strong economic and social benefits that LIVING CITY will bring to the region and the creation of over 1,000 ongoing jobs” said Mayor Martin.

“In a region with one of the highest unemployment and youth unemployment rates in the country, LIVING CITY will provide a strong boost to the economy of North West Tasmania”.

“The aim of the National Stronger Regions Fund is to boost social and economic development in Australia’s regional areas through the funding of key infrastructure projects”.

“Council is confident of putting forward a strong case to the Commonwealth, with our application focused on the employment opportunities that LIVING CITY will create for the construction, retail, conference, agricultural and tourism sectors.”

If successful, the funding would be utilised towards the conference centre, food market infrastructure and car park, as contained within the LIVING CITY Masterplan”.

“We are excited about the opportunity in applying for this grant and look forward to hearing back in May 2015” said Mayor Martin.