Published on 06 October 2015

Devonport City Council is now seeking Expressions of Interest from food businesses interested in being part of the LIVING CITY Food Pavilion.  Opportunities are available for both permanent restaurants/ café tenancies and market spaces, which are available on a short-term or flexible basis.

The LIVING CITY Food Pavilion will be constructed as part of Stage 1 and consists of a high quality building in which local producers, restaurateurs and tourism operators can showcase the regions premium food.  Clustering local producers in a creative market environment will serve as an attraction in its own right, enabling local businesses to benefit from exposure to new markets and higher visitor numbers.

Television personality and celebrity chef, Ben Milbourne, said “The LIVING CITY Food Pavilion will provide an opportunity for all Tasmanian producers to showcase their products and provide even the smallest grower a consistent and effective channel to market. Tasmania is blessed with the highest quality produce in the world and the Food Pavilion will provide that central location with quality, fresh, and seasonal produce”.

“The concept of Tasmanian produce, beverages, restaurants, food education and cooking classes, together with other Tasmanian craftsmen presenting their creations means LIVING CITY Food Pavilion can set new standards making it a ‘must see’ for locals and tourists alike”.

“I am very proud to be endorsing this venture and look forward to developing innovative future events at the markets with the many talented producers of our region” said Mr Milbourne.

The Food Pavilion building has been specifically designed to attract food patrons.  It includes four permanent tenancies and a large flexible market-style hall specialising in Tasmanian products.

For more information on food opportunities associated with LIVING CITY, businesses should contact Stacey Sheehan on 03 6420 6000 or David Wenham on 02 6297 1900 or visit the LIVING CITY website for more information.