The Devonport City Council has approved a revised plan for a hotel to be built on a waterfront site in Best Street.

Local developer Fairbrother has revised its plan to construct an eight-level 208-room hotel, rather than including residential apartments which formed part of its original design.

The ground floor is split between hotel front of house, hotel back of house and lower level car parking.

The front of house includes hotel reception and restaurant while back of house includes a kitchen, amenities and loading dock facilities.

The building services plant sits in a mezzanine, along with further hotel back of house facilities, hotel gym and meeting room.

Levels 1-5 contain hotel rooms.

The car turn-in bay off Best Street is designed with pedestrian pram-ramp crossings to allow uninterrupted pedestrian traffic along Best Street.

The development will have a total height of 26.88 m compared to 26.50 m in the original design. However, this height does not extend over the entire building.

A Traffic Impact Assessment found that the additional traffic volumes generated by the development were not expected to have any significant impacts to the safety and operation of the surrounding road network.

Council was told one representation was received during the 14-day public scrutiny period required by the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993.

The application was approved subject to five conditions.

Work has begun on a waterfront parkland to be developed north and west of the hotel.

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