Published on 11 June 2013

Independent Community taskforce Chairman, Royce Fairbrother, supports Council’s investment in securing strategic properties for LIVING CITY.

“This is a smart move by Council acting quickly to lock in key properties that will be required by Developers as LIVING CITY comes to fruition. The community have said they want this to happen and I think Aldermen should be congratulated for investing in what is the first step in the roll out of LIVING CITY”, Mr Fairbrother said.

“Given the net impact on Councils bottom-line is positive the decision also makes good business sense.

“In these tough times we need to make opportunities and that is exactly what LIVING CITY does. It is a well thought out, ambitious but achievable vision to transform Devonport and the broader region. Jobs will come from this plan and Council, business and Government need to all work together to make LIVING CITY a reality as soon as possible”.