Published on 27 May 2013

The results of the six week long community engagement program for LIVING CITY reflect overwhelming support for the Principles Plan, and Council at its May meeting tonight endorsed the Plan. There is support for the creation of three precincts being Civic/Office, Retail and Waterfront and to end the fragmentation of the CBD. There is support to consolidate retail into the CBD and to open the City to the river and parklands.

This has been the largest community engagement exercise ever undertaken by Council and has involved all levels of Council including Elected Members, Management and Staff.

The opportunity to engage with Council was embraced by the community and enabled Council to collect valuable information and feedback on a range of issues. The challenge now is to maintain the positive momentum and take LIVING CITY to the next stage of the project.

The five questions in the survey that related directly to the Principles Plan resulted in the following findings:

  1. 87% of respondents agreed that the Devonport Central Business District is fragmented;
  2. 79% of respondents agreed with structuring the Central Business District into three precincts (Civic/Office, Retail and Waterfront);
  3. 90% of respondents agreed that Devonport can be a vibrant and prosperous Regional City serving the North West Coast;
  4. 86% of respondents agreed with connecting and opening the Central Business District to the Mersey Riverside parklands; and
  5. 78% of respondents support the proposal that future retail space be consolidated in the CBD to address fragmentation.

Based on the responses noted above, there is very strong support for the Principles Plan from the community.

The remaining questions in the survey were aimed at providing further evidence to support the Principles Plan and providing Council with valuable information which may be used in future consultations. In summary the remaining questions resulted in the following findings:

  1. 64% of the respondents were aged 45 plus. The vast majority of respondents were aged between 45 and 65 years of age;
  2. 96% of respondents were from the municipality and greater Mersey Lyell Region with 70% of respondents residing in Devonport;
  3. The majority of respondents visit the CBD for shopping, eating out, socialising or entertainment; and
  4. Just over 80% of respondents visit the CBD at least once a week, or more frequently.

The endorsement of the Principles Plan ends Stage 2 of the project and is a significant milestone of progression. It also heralds the beginning of Stage 3 of LIVING CITY which is the development of Master Plans for the key precincts. This stage encompasses:

  1. Design analysis of the Precincts;
  2. Securing and demolition of key strategic properties;
  3. Negotiations with potential private investors:
  4. Securing Government funding and support; and
  5. Commencing the statutory approvals process.

This stage is expected to run until the end of 2014 and will include community engagement in relation to the proposed Master Plan.

Council wishes to thank the Devonport community for their participation in this stage of the LIVING CITY consultation.