Published on 20 February 2015

Devonport City Council has today released the recently commissioned LIVING CITY Regional Benefits & Opportunities Report.  It will be considered by Council at its next meeting on Monday, 23 February 2015.

The report was largely funded by the State Government and prepared by consulting firm Hill PDA, independent to Council.

Devonport Mayor Steve Martin said “It is encouraging for Council that the report confirms the findings of previous studies in regards to LIVING CITY being a catalyst for significant economic growth for the North West region of Tasmania”.

“The study supports Council’s claim that LIVING CITY will be a massive jobs generator, with 830 direct full time jobs being created in the operational phase, plus significant indirect jobs throughout the broader region.”

The study highlights other financial benefits of the LIVING CITY project as:

“LIVING CITY is more than just new buildings.  It’s about creating exciting new experiences for both the people of the North West & visitors to our region, through the delivery of new facilities, buildings, cultural & open spaces” said Mayor Martin.

“The report demonstrates that all elements of LIVING CITY are linked and when all aspects combine, will create economic growth across the region far greater than the sum of each individual part”.

It provides detail on the difference LIVING CITY will make to the food and tourism sectors in the North West and makes recommendations about how Devonport could position itself as the ‘tourist hub’ of the region and the Coast benefit from changing visitation patterns.

It also highlights the important social and community benefits that will enhance North West Tasmania as an attractive place to live, with new cultural, retail and business services not currently available to the area.

The report suggests a number of ideas that could be considered in order to maximise the benefit of LIVING CITY throughout the Coast, such as with light & sound shows or touch screen tourist experiences, which could help fill the void in night time entertainment options in North West Tasmania.

Mayor Martin said “The LIVING CITY consultation process identified a lack of evening entertainment in this part of the State.  This report suggests that offering a unique evening entertainment option will assist in attracting visitors to stay overnight in the Region, which Council believes is worth exploring”.

“The report also notes that critical to the success of the project will be additional funding and leadership from Government, to act as a catalyst for change” said Mayor Martin.

The full report is available to download at