Published on 01 October 2015

The timing of LIVING CITY could not be better with visitor numbers to North West Tasmanian continuing to trend upwards. LIVING CITY will play a key role in visitor growth in coming years creating enormous economic and social benefits across the region.

Recent statistics show that tourist numbers to the Cradle Coast Region were up 9% for the financial year ending June 2015.  Located at the door step of the Spirit of Tasmania,LIVING CITY is perfectly placed to benefit from the State Governments push to increase tourist numbers to 1.5 million by 2020.  Tourists arriving by sea have increased by 16% in the past two years and are expected to increase further with the recent vessel refurbishments and  significant increase in day sailings.

LIVING CITY will prepare the region to maximise its opportunities with new tourist services such as a world class food pavilion specialising in local produce, additional high quality hotel accommodation and an 800 seat conference facility all centrally located to create an active tourism hub.

LIVING CITY will ensure the region has quality food and accommodation offerings to attract visitors to the North West Coast of Tasmania ensuring they spend longer in the region and experience more of the many attractions in this great part of the world.

With Tasmania’s reputation as the hot, new “must see” destination in the global tourist market, the timing of LIVING CITY could not be better to ensure the region is perfectly positioned to capitalise on the exciting opportunities that are unfolding.

Construction on Stage 1 of LIVING CITY is on track to commence in early 2016 and advertising is currently underway for restaurateurs, food operators and market tenants.