Published on 22 March 2013

Nearly 90 percent of respondents to an online survey support the principles of the Devonport City Council’s LIVING CITY project.

The communities of Devonport and the North West Coast have enthusiastically grasped the project with 87.2 percent of 597 respondents saying they agree with connecting and opening the Central Business District to the Mersey River via riverside parklands.

This is the major principle of what would be created by the implementation of projects being explored by the LIVING CITY initiative.

Since the project’s community engagement was launched on March 6, 597 people have had their views recorded on the Council’s SpeakUpDevonport online survey.

“We are delighted with the response and it adds to the support we have received from community groups, business and community leaders,” said Mr McCallum.

Council staff and Aldermen have been conducting “listening posts” at various locations across the municipality and hand written surveys from these events have not yet been added to the online results.

“We are looking at every response we get and the listening posts are providing us with similar overall support percentages, but also community ideas, big and small and we have been able to discuss those ideas further with them and write down the responses which will all be analysed and put into the mix as part of the engagement process,” said Mr McCallum


Online survey highlights:

79.5% agree with structuring the CBD as much as possible into three precincts which all have their own clear purpose.

91.7% agree that Devonport can be a vibrant and prosperous regional city serving the North West Coast.

87.2% agree with connecting and opening the CBD to the Mersey River via riverside parklands.

79% support the proposal that future retail space be consolidated in the CBD.

An online survey can be completed at:





Yesterday’s poor weather forced the postponement of yesterday’s listening post at East Devonport. This has been re-scheduled to next Tuesday.

Further Listening Posts

Tuesday 26 March – East Devonport (Wright Street, outside IGA)

2pm to 4pm

Thursday 28 March – Spreyton IGA

2pm to 4pm

Saturday 6 April – K&D Warehouse

10am to 1pm

Wednesday 10 April – Rooke St Mall

10am to 2pm

Thursday 11 April – Sheffield (outside Slater’s Country Store)

11am to 1pm