What are the benefits of LIVING CITY?

  1. LIVING CITY will inject over $112 million into the local economy every year
  2. It will generate over 830 new on-going jobs upon project completion
  3. LIVING CITY will establish Devonport as a tourist base for the North West by delivering a new hotel, inviting waterfront outdoor spaces and a Food Pavillion showcasing Tasmanian produce
  4. LIVING CITY will deliver a new business & office precinct in the Southern CBD
  5. LIVING CITY is more than just buildings. It will realise the community’s long held vision to revitalise the city centre, including an additional discount department store, multi-storey car park and opening up the city centre to the river
  6. LIVING CITY ensures future retail growth occurs in the CBD, avoiding further fragmentation
  7. LIVING CITY’s $250 million construction phase will create an unprecedented construction boom over a 5-8 year period

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and provide significant

social and public amenity


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