With only about a year to go before its expected opening, construction work on the Waterfront Parkland project is continuing on several fronts.

Initial works began late last year with the upgrading of underground pipework and electrical systems.

Council also took the opportunity during that time to upgrade a 75-year-old stormwater system which ran through Rooke Street and Roundhouse Park, to ensure it could meet the projected future demand.

Work then continued up Rooke Street (between Best and Oldaker Street), with Council providing the northern end of Rooke Street with an upgrade as part of the park project.   Demolition of the footpath on the eastern side of Rooke Street will be completed over the new two weeks including trenching for services, streetlights and traffic lights.

Preliminary work has also begun on the Rotunda with the retaining wall and fill completed and 80 per cent of the steelwork will be completed within the next fortnight.

Several footings have been poured for the Elevated Walkway and the piles for the Waterfront Shelter and Coastal Promenade have been driven.

Over the next two years Work on the Waterfront Precinct – consisting of the Parkland and private hotel – will see $57 million in construction activity washing through the economy.

The LIVING CITY project is built on the principles of increasing the tourist market to North-West Tasmania, increasing business confidence, and improving the amenity of the city for those who live and work here.

Given the current economic circumstances this investment is even more crucial than when the LIVING CITY project began five years ago.

Importantly, Council will not be borrowing any money for the Parkland project.

The Devonport City Council has welcomed the announcement by local developer Fairbrother that work will begin this week on its $40 million Waterfront Hotel.

Fairbrother has signed a freehold arrangement with the Singapore-based Fragrance Group to build the hotel on the corner of Best and Rooke Streets.

Mayor Annette Rockliff said she was delighted that Fairbrother had finally reached an agreement which would enable work to commence.

“It has taken some time, but Council has always understood that private investment projects of this magnitude do require extra time for all the elements to be put into place and Council congratulates Fairbrother for achieving this milestone,” she said.

“The Waterfront Hotel has always been a key part of the LIVING CITY master plan adopted in 2014 and will be a real driver for economic growth in our city.

“Whilst Council has been required to do the heavy lifting with Stage 1, LIVING CITY has always been about unlocking this sort of private investment. To secure a major international hotel developer such as the Fragrance Group will open up many new and exciting opportunities for our city.’’

“Council is pleased to hear the Fragrance Group is focused on a 4.5-star brand, as there is an obvious gap in the market for this level of accommodation on the Coast.”

Cr Rockliff said the company had kept Council in the loop throughout its discussions.

“Council was always confident that the project was going to come to fruition, and it will be great to see work beginning in earnest shortly.”


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