Since the adoption of the LIVING CITY Master Plan in 2014, Council has recognised the importance of a night time activity to attract visitors to stay overnight in the City. In 2019, Council commissioned Mandylights, an internationally renowned specialist to design a unique sound and light show for the city.

The proposal is for a 20 min immersive sound and light show to be located in the LIVING CITY Waterfront Park. The video (adjacent) is concept only and subject to change as a result of further design development.


The design is based on the story of the Mersey River from Cradle Mountain to the River Mouth.

Mandylights have provided the following outline of their creative response to the project: Devonport and the city’s surrounds are host to some of Australia’s most wild, unique, and diverse landscapes – both natural and man-made. Any visual performance should therefore be a celebration of the immense beauty of the local land, its people and history.

Drawing inspiration from travels along the Mersey and Don Rivers, we propose a unique light, visual and sculptural performance in four acts that exalts the beauty of the alpine regions, poppy and pastoral fields, the city of Devonport and the importance of the Mersey and Don Rivers as they flow into Bass Strait. The show shall serve as an ‘overture’ to the immense experiences that await visitors; welcoming them and offering a taste of the region.

The design centres around these four theme of Mountains, Fields, the City, and the River & Straight.

Four distinct acts across a twelve minute show each representing a unique part of the Devonport area, are all set to a curated musical soundtrack:

  • A mountain sunrise
  • A day in the fields
  • City lights
  • River & Straight / Finale sequence

Local musicians and composers will be engaged to compose/play music for the show.

The design will be flexible enabling modification to ensure the content remains fresh. The sound and light show will be able to be modified to enable its inclusion in various events around the City, such as Devonport Jazz and Christmas carols etc. Additionally, the structures have the capacity to be lit a range of colours in support of various causes, memorial days etc.

The structures have been designed to be interesting public art during day light hours.


The show will play nightly after dark in the park. The details are yet to be determined, however the show may play more than once a night. It is envisaged that the design will be run all year round.

Subject to grant funding, the show could start as early as December 2021.

It will be visible from various locations within the park, including the elevated platform, the various walking tracks, and from East Devonport, the paranaple centre and other nearby businesses. Method of sound distribution is still being considered. 


The cost of construction is approx. $3M with Devonport City Council applying for a grant for the initial construction cost.


Economic modelling by HillPDA indicates a positive economic impact to the NW Coast as a result of the sound and light show, well above the initial cost of installation. The modelling shows that once commenced the show will inject $4.4M per annum into the economy. This is based on increasing the number of stays by 2.5% above 2018 levels, approximately 12,645 additional bed nights per annum. This equates to 13.7 FTE jobs, predominately in the tourism and hospitality industries. A full copy of the Economic Analysis can be found here.

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